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Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-up construction is a proven system in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and 'tilted' into position using cranes. This results in a faster construction process than other methods, such as precast and concrete blocks, and is more cost-effective as well.

We at Keller Construction work along side Engineers and Architects to safely place panels where they can be safely raised. We have many projects finished with success. Finishes can be embedded or painted on the finished panels. Check out our project such as the Idaho Falls Event Center.


Our industrial projects include; large industrial footings with a record pour of over 2,000 yards continuous in 12 hours, formed curved walls, high formed walls, gang formed walls, overhead beams formed in place, and large super flat floors.


All of these projects take specialized equipment, extra planning for success and safety. Our safety record has been excellent for many years.

Hoku Polysilicone Plant


Hobby Lobby

Over the years Keller Construction has built restaurants, warehouses, and multi family commercial projects. We have the ability to help with designing and budgeting.

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Concrete is our specialty! At Keller Construction we have completed numerous jobs since 1974. We are able to assist with design, layout for tilt-ups, and are happy to work with your architects and engineers for smooth coordination and safety. We specialize in commercial concrete from footings, foundations, floors, gang forming, and decorative concrete. With the assistance of our laser screed and riding trowels we are able to produce super flat floors for tilt-up finishes. 

Tilt-Up Construction



Decorative Concrete


What We do

Our Projects

Since 1974, Keller Construction  has specialized in Commercial Concrete evolving from designing and building multi-family and custom homes, to a large multi-purpose concrete event center. Keller Construction is proud of their quality and experience and they are constantly upgrading equipment, certifications, and education in the latest techniques and jobsite safety.

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